A weekend roadtrip

We went to Highlands, NC to visit Grammy (Chad's paternal grandmother) for her 80th birthday. Molly was very excited to get to see Grammy's house, though she was confused when we arrived and she discovered we actually weren't staying in her house but rather in a rented house nearby (there are a lot of us, now).

Grammy's house

Leah was enamored with Will (and Stephen Colbert) throughout the trip. I'm not sure which one she's interested in here.

Leah and Will

We had a bunch of family over to the house Saturday to celebrate. At times, Leah was of course the center of attention.

Gather round Leah

There were so many people there, Caroline and I decided to make more room by squishing Molly.


Molly was responsible for the card on our gift to Grammy.

Nice card

And Grammy thought the bag I made for her was a great surprise.


The house was pretty cool much of the time, which meant blankets were in frequent use. Unfortunately, though, we had a blanket thief occasionally stealing them.

Blanket thief

It was so nice out we decided to have dinner on the back porch one night. Yes, that's the dining room table and chairs.

Dinner outside

Monday, we went out to lunch at Wild Thyme to celebrate Grammy's birthday again on her actual birthday. They brought Grammy a big piece of caramel cake for her birthday, but she didn't want dessert. So, Molly ate almost the entire piece for her.

Monday dessert

Leah didn't get any cake, so she seemed a bit bored.


Though she perked up when we pulled out a toy phone for her.

Phones are fun

The drive down and back both went really well. We only had to stop 5 times each way and managed to make the trip in 11.5 hours both times. To maximize efficiency, we packed a lunch and ate at a rest area in both directions. Here's Leah hanging out at the rest area.

Resting on the drive home

Molly preferred to run around during her brief break from the car.

Play area


  1. Melanie says:

    Wow, 11.5 hrs?!? You ARE supermom!

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