Letter of the week – I

We worked on the letter I this week, starting out by making an ice cream cone with sprinkles and a cherry on top.

Sprinkles and a cherry on top

Molly wanted to paint, so I printed a picture of Isa the Iguana (from Dora, of course!) for her to create her masterpiece.

Isa the Iguana

Molly did a great job making an igloo, using royal icing as the glue. She kept asking to eat the marshmallows, and eventually she was given the OK! She also loved that she got to eat some of the igloo for an after nap snack.

Icing igloo

We've been working our way through I Spy A to Z. Molly really enjoys look and find books.

We spent some time exploring The New York Philharmonic Kidzone. We learned about instruments in the orchestra, sorted mixed up instruments, played an instrument matching game, had a percussion showdown, and created our own musical mingles. Molly really liked playing on Mommy's computer!


The weather was nice at the end of the week for us to spend some time outside painting with colored ice cubes.

Ice cube painting

We did some learning with inchworms.

Inchworm patterns

Inchworm size sorting

You can't go through I week without making ice cream. We tried to make "ice cream in a bag" like in chemestry class. The result? Molly ended up drinking a milkshake instead. :(

Ice cream in a bag

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  1. fiona says:

    Cool ‘i’ games! Going to try that ice cube painting!

  2. Melanie says:

    Smart idea to freeze straws in the colored ice cubes! I’ve thought about making colored ice cubes, but always wondered if we’d end up with dyed fingers – you’re so creative!! We’ll totally have to do that this summer!

  3. Jacque says:

    I also LOVE the ice cube painting. We may be trying that after nap time today… something fun that I already have the supplies for! Thanks a ton for sharing!

    Hope you are having a great week!

  4. Gmom says:

    “I” really love all these activities – so great to see Molly’s smiling face! Thanks for sharing these precious moments!

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