Letter of the week – A

Molly loved her A alligator. Several times she took it off the fridge and pretended that it was eating Daddy!

I originally saw this idea in an issue of Family Fun, but have since seen it all over the blog world. We made an apple print painting. Molly really enjoyed painting her apple green, and then using it like a stamp. I tried to get her to paint a red apple, but she only wanted green! The stubborness of a three year old...

We learned a little about ants. We made "ants on a log" for lunch one day. Molly ate one piece, then decided it was more fun to use pretzels to scoop out the peanut butter and raisins.

Molly also practiced sorting the big and little ants.

We incorporated our stART project into our Apple Pie Day celebration. In addition, I found a clip counting activity that coordinated with the Ten Apples Up on Top theme.

You can check out what other moms are doing with their tots at 1+1+1=1.


  1. Melanie says:

    I feel like Apple Pie Day should fall somewhere during apple season. She does great with her size sorting!

  2. Gmom says:

    Love the alligator and green apples. Stubborn? Hm.m.m.mm.m.m. Ah, the life of a 3-year old!
    The clip counting is adorable too!

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