Letter of the week – E

While most of our week concentrated on Easter, I couldn't pass up making this cute E for elephant.

This was Molly's first time working with patterns. I tried to relate them to the patterns that are on Team Umizoomi.

Molly also worked with clothespin count and clip cards for the first time. Opening the clothespins is also great for fine motor skills. (Both of these egg printables were found at Home Grown Hearts.)

Molly participated in her first egg hunt at our church, but we also had our own egg hunt in the backyard. We probably hunted the eggs 5 or 6 times because Molly enjoyed it so much!

As Molly opened the eggs, there were E items for her to match: eye, elephant, ear, egg, letter E.

For our stART project, we read What is Easter? and talked about the real meaning of Easter.

Then, Molly, Leah, and I made these handprint Easter lilies to give to Grams on Easter morning.

A funny story from this week...A wasp flew into the house, so I sprayed it with Raid and it flew into the dining room. Molly kept asking where he was, so I told her that it was not alive anymore and she says, "But Jesus is alive!"

You can check out what other moms are doing with their tots at 1+1+1=1.

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  1. Michelle says:

    I LOVE this whole post! The E elephant! Her hair pulled back 1/2 up. Great idea on the backyard Easter egg hunt matching. LOVE the hand print Easter lilies! I will be doing that next year. From the Flicker photos, I LOVE the many ones of Leah smiling big and laughing. SO cute! Clothes pin count and patters – awesome idea! I want Emmie to be bigger now so that I can do all these awesome arts and crafts projects with her too! You are a great, great, great mom. Molly and Leah are SO blessed to call you their MOM! I love you, sis!

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