Easter egg hunt

Molly participated in her first Easter egg hunt this year, which she was really looking forward to. She got to be a part of the first group to hunt for the eggs since she was still 2 years old (by 2 days). As soon as they said go, she took off grabbing eggs and never turned around. So, this was the only shot Chad got of her, after she had collected a bunch of eggs and headed back towards us.

It's important to shake and egg and observe it closely to determine what kind of candy is held within.

Owen was at the Easter Egg hunt as well, and they were both pleased with their haul.

After the egg hunt, Molly colored some Easter pictures. She did a great job focusing on individual eggs with different colors.

Owen came over and joined us for coloring as well.


  1. Melanie says:

    I love the picture of her scrutinizing the egg!

  2. […] participated in her first egg hunt at our church, but we also had our own egg hunt in the backyard. We probably hunted the eggs 5 or 6 times because […]

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