Happy 3rd Birthday Molly!

Today our little girl is 3! We've had a fun year. She's still the little dancer and now really gets her hips and arms into it! She also loves to sing and enjoys making up her own songs. It makes me happy to hear her singing the songs that I learned as a child. The best part of the year though has been watching her become the best big sister to Leah!

This weekend we had her Dora the Explorer birthday party with family and her friends.

Come on! Vámonos!
Everybody let's go!
Where are we going?
Molly's party!

All the food followed the theme with fruit salsa, monkey bread, apple and cream cheese quesadillas, and monkey mix.

The kids created their own personal piñatas to take home as party favors.

One of the hits of the party was this Dora guitar. Molly spent much of the time she was supposed to be opening presents distracted by her new toy.

Molly was really excited have "Happy Birthday" sung to her. In fact, she got to hear it twice, as a couple of the kids missed the first time while they were in the bathroom.

We of course also celebrated today on Molly's actual birthday. Chad and I tried to sing Happy Birthday to her first thing this morning and she started crying saying, "No, you can't sing without my cake!" Molly was very excited to do the cake thing again.

There are a lot more pictures of her party here.


  1. Melanie says:

    And who wouldn’t be excited about more cake? Happy birthday to Molly!!

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