Gymnastics playdate

I organized a gymnastics playdate in honor of 'G' week. Molly was so excited to be there that she was doing summersaults!

She was bouncing so fast down the trampoline run it made getting a picture difficult.

She loved all the bouncing fun!

The kids then moved on to an obstacle course.

Spinning around with these hula hoops was fun too.

We ended our session sliding into a big foam pit. It was a bit challenging to get out of the pit though!


  1. […] organized a gymnastics playdate in honor of ā€˜Gā€™ week. Molly and her friends had a great […]

  2. Melanie says:

    I love Columbia Gymnastics! I’m so sad that Jillian is going to miss our moms group gymnastics playdate this week since I have a doctor appointment šŸ™ Looks like Molly had a blast!!!

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