A special trip to the zoo

With the weather being so great this weekend, we were invited to go to The Maryland Zoo with Molly's friend, Sadie, and her family. The zoo was celebrating Samson the baby elephant's 2nd birthday. We got to sing happy birthday and watch him (and the other elephants) eat some birthday cake. Don't worry, it was a cake made for an elephant. I saw oranges, grapes, carrots, and raisins in it.

Here are the girls checking out the elephants.

There was also a cake there from Charm City Cakes (the guys on the show Ace of Cakes), though this one looked like it was designed for human consumption, not elephant.

It was perfect to go to the zoo with just two families. The girls had someone to play with and we were able to move through the exhibits fairly quickly. Sadie was very loving toward Molly the entire day.

Playing in these turtle shells was a lot of fun. Molly and Sadie crawled in them and spun each other around.

While most of the fun was a bit over Leah's head, Leah still had a great time. And who wouldn't have a great time when wearing such a cute hat.

The zoo also had a petting zoo. Molly enjoyed brushing this goat and wasn't scared of it at all.

After a long day at the zoo, everyone was thirsty. Unfortunately, neither of the daddy's got to drink very much of their drinks once the daughters got ahold of them.

Thanks, Melissa, for the invite! We had a great day!


  1. Michelle says:

    what a great day! LOVED all the pix!

  2. Gmom says:

    What a fun way to be outside – beautiful weather – love all the pictures – Leah’s hat is precious! It’s great that Molly and Sadie are such good friends!

  3. Melanie says:

    Fun! I’m sad we missed the zoo this weekend, but we made up for it by going to DC for the day!

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