Bowling with toddlers

Earlier this week we were invited to join Keira, Allison, and Riley for bowling. This was the first time bowling for all four 2 year olds.

Keria's dad, Jason, went over a few instructions: 1. keep your hands out of the ball return and 2. stand behind the dotted line when you bowl. And then we were off!

After Molly would bowl, she would run to me yelling "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy" very excitedly, but forget to watch her ball roll down the lane!

The girls did a great job taking turns and watching each other bowl. Molly made sure to keep an eye on her competition.

Molly has talked about bowling all week. She raved about bowling with the green ball and has asked Chad if he'll take her bowling again. Sounds like a great daddy/daughter date!

A huge thanks to Jason for teaching the girls, and being so patient with all of them!

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