Snow days

This weekend, we were hit with a major snowstorm, starting Friday night and lasting until the wee hours of the morning on Sunday. It was the biggest December snow storm ever for the Baltimore area.

Leah and I only stepped out briefly. Molly took a little bit to warm up to it, but eventually had a good time. She had lots of fun throwing snow in the air.

Molly's favorite game was to pick up snow and wipe it on Daddy's jacket and pants.

This was our front yard after the snow finally stopped. The official measurement for Baltimore was 21 inches!

Molly went out to play with Chad again on Sunday. The snow was now up to her waist, so she could no longer move around. She could still throw snowballs and put snow on Daddy though.

After playing for a little while, Chad got out the snow shovel to shovel our driveway and cars. Molly very much enjoyed "helping" with her shovel and bucket.

You can see some of our snow adventures in this video.

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