Potty Boot Camp

I've been prepping Molly for potty training for a few weeks, so this past weekend we had a Potty Boot Camp at our house. I read The Potty Boot Camp and decided to follow the recommendations for potty training your child in three days. Yes, THREE days! Chad was a bit skeptical, and I was hopeful that an intense potty training weekend would do the trick. So, I got my act together gathering potty rewards, crafts to keep Molly entertained in the kitchen, and items to entertain her while sitting on the potty. Wouldn't you want to stay in the bathroom with these fun things?

So, we started first thing Friday morning and went diaper free, except for naptime and bedtime. We sat Molly on the potty every 10 minutes for 5 minutes at a time, using an egg timer (affectionately named "Baby Egg" by Molly) to keep time for us. It was a hard first two days, but by Sunday she was starting to get it, so we increased her time off the potty. By Monday morning, she was self-initiating, and by Tuesday afternoon I was no longer using the timer. We didn't make it in three days, but I'm so proud of how well Molly has done. Now we just have to get out of the house!


  1. dani says:

    dang girl, you are BRAVE! that is so admirable! I did not have the patience to do that. I got lucky though and Kaden pretty much trained himself once he was ready…albeit he was almost THREE 🙂

  2. Awesome!!!! Way to go Jen – and Molly!!!

  3. Diana says:

    Woohooo! Great work Molly and Jen! Good luck getting out into the community and staying dry!

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