A Tennessee Thanksgiving

We spent Thanksgiving at The Cottage on Watauga Lake in Butler, TN with my family. We rented the cottage two years ago when Molly was 7 months old, but now we had two more little girls to celebrate with. The 8+ hour car ride was rough due to Leah crying anytime she was awake, but while there we had a nice time.

We mostly relaxed at the cottage, but Molly, Uncle J, and Grampa did go on a scavenger hunt. They found everything on their list (and an extra 20 or so rocks).

Molly also tried to get in a little workout on Uncle J's Wii Fit. She needed a little help, so Uncle J happily assisted. Here they are going down the ski jump.

We put together a nice feast for Thanksgiving lunch.

And here was part of my contribution to the meal. Yum!

Our last night in Tennessee included this great campfire built by Uncle J. It was pretty chilly out, so we all had to keep warm by the fire.

We roasted marshmallows. Molly wasn't into the roasting part at first (though she was very happy to eat the marshmallows), but she eventually warm up to the idea.

During our stay, Molly slept on a very large air mattress (complete with headboard) on the floor in our room. Here she is waking up on our day of departure. She did really well and very much enjoyed her big bed.

There are a lot more pictures from our trip. We even managed to get a cute family picture!


  1. Looks like you guys had a wonderful time!! I had to laugh at the extra rocks during the scavenger hunt – Jillian is a rock collector too!!

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