Stories from the hospital

When you're in the hospital for a few days, you have to have something to laugh at. A few of our entertaining stories are:
- As Chad was coming back from lunch on Wednesday, he passed a couple clearly in labor. She was in the wheelchair focusing on her breathing while quickly being pushed by her husband. Chad's though as he walked by was, "Oh, that's what that's like!"
- You'll never see as many men carrying Vera Bradley bags as you will in Labor & Delivery.
- When Chad went to change Leah's diaper after she was brought to us in recovery room, he realized that she was wearing a size 1 diaper. We couldn't believe it! So much for that box of newborn diapers.
- We ordered breakfast from the hospital's food services every morning. The first morning I ordered an abundance of food for both Chad and I and was not questioned. However, when Chad ordered both Fruit Loops and Raisin Bran the second morning, she lady on the phone said, "She wants both Fruit Loops AND Raisin Bran?" Why yes, yes she does.

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