It started about two weeks ago while preparing for Michelle and Emmie's visit. Chad was up and down from the attic several times getting down boxes of clothes and nursery bedding. I washed all of those plus the burp cloths and crib sheets. I never knew how many newborn and 3 month clothes we really had! And on top of that, we got even more cute clothes at my Sprinkle.

Yesterday, I got a pedicure in the morning, and then a hair cut in the afternoon. I wanted to get both of those done just in case this little girl decided to be the opposite of her big sister and come early! So, Chad and Molly spent a lot of time together.

I've even made sure that all the bills are paid and gathered together our insurance reimbursement papers. What do you think, is the nesting in full swing?!


  1. emkenton says:

    How are we not seeing a pic of the new ‘do?! (Also– you’re not allowed to have the baby any earlier than my dentist appt on Thursday! 🙂

  2. Michelle says:

    My vote: I think you have the nesting bug.

  3. G'mom says:

    We’re “nesting” too! Keeping clothes washed and have bags 90% packed………..just keeping “baby watch” from here!

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