Memphis trip

Last week, Molly and I ventured to Memphis for a visit with G'Mom, Grampa, Aunt 'Chelle, and Emmie. If you saw me in the airport, you would have thought I was a crazy woman - toddler in stroller, diaper bag, purse, carseat in carrying case, and hugely pregnant! We spent 4 days visiting and had lots of adventures.

First we painted plates at Paint a Piece using paint brushes, hands, and feet.

Then we went swimming in a neighbor's pool. Molly's favorite part was squirting Grampa with the water gun.

We started out our second full day with some blueberry picking at Nesbit Blueberry Plantation. Molly did a great job and found lots of good blueberries hidden on the underside of the bushes.

That evening, after eating some home-made blueberry ice cream, Mom, Michelle and I combined all of our craft talents and worked together to make a tag blanket for baby girl #2.

Any time Emmie was playing on the floor, Molly liked playing with her. I hope this is a sign of how great of a big sister she will be!

There are a lot more pictures from our trip. You can view them here.


  1. What a fun trip! I’m sure Molly will be a GREAT big sister – what an exciting time for all of you!

  2. Julie Homan says:

    Hey Jenn, I just realized something really random, theoretically, if your sister stayed in Helena, and we stayed where we are in Pelham, our two girls would meet up as freshmen at Pelham High. Isn’t that weird? Oh, and I guess I’ll be needing to buy some bows from you soon… Charlotte still doesn’t have too much hair right now, but as it grows, I’ll have to start a collection. 🙂

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