Dutch Wonderland

Today we ventured to Dutch Wonderland in Lancaster, PA along with a couple of Molly's friends from playgroup (and their parents). Molly was not into most of the rides, especialy the ones she had to ride by herself, but had a great time on the boat and train rides.

Here she is on her one and only solo ride.

We went for a ride on the monorail and got the best seats on the train - all the way in the back. We got to look out the back window like an old-fashioned station wagon.

The one fast ride Molly really wanted to do was the Fun Slide.

Keira won the award for the bravest kid today. She rode multiple rides by herself, and even had a pony ride!

And there's no better way to end the day than with ice cream!

It was a very successful first trip to the "Kingdom for Kids" and Molly (and mommy) crashed on the car ride home.


  1. I love Dutch Wonderland! I can’t wait until Jillian is old enough to go! We may even be really brave and try it late this summer….

  2. G;mom says:

    This looks like a great trip yesterday! How fun for everyone! Maybe Keira can give Grampa and me some riding lessons! LOL!

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