Lots of updates

We had fun visiting with my family in Memphis in August, and except Molly getting sick on the plane (all over Chad no-less!) and having a fever the first night, the trip was nice and relaxing.   And just as Molly was starting to get used to the pool, the summer ended and pool playdates are no more. :(  We tried an indoor pool, but the air temperature is very cold when you're not in the water.  Where's the indoor artificial sun?? Molly has sported many Auburn outfits during September.  It's very cute to see her in them!  She'll even shake the shakers and say "War Eagle" (or more like "Weegle") for you.  Chad made sure to get that on video. :)  She also now has an AU hat and will wear it only if someone else is wearing Daddy's AU hat.  Before now, hats would only last a few seconds on her head, but now she thinks it's fun!  We are still frequent visitors of the area playgrounds.  Her love of the swing has not diminished, but she has now become a pro at the slide.  We were at the tot-lot near our house last week and all of a sudden, I heard her stomping up the stairs, saw her little head pop up, and down the slide she went.  No help needed.  While visiting Clark's Farm last weekend, Molly thought sliding down all of the slides was much more fun than looking at the at the animals.  
In non-Molly related news, Chad released his first software product, Pear Note, two weeks ago.   It is a program for taking notes on Mac computers. You can see more about it at his website: http://www.usefulfruit.com/ .   There has been a lot of interest and press about it, so it's been very exciting.  

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