The girl is on the move

I was at an indoor playground with Molly today and was asked how old she was. When I responded with "13 months old," the lady's response was "Wow, she's really on the move!" Yes, that's the story of Molly now. Since Spring has arrived, we spend many afternoons outside playground hopping. We were originally limited to hardtop playgrounds because Molly would not walk on the mulch, but we hit a milestone at the end of April and now she's decided that mulch is not that bad after all. Molly usually finds the swings immediately; she'd spend all day in one if I let her! We had a nice, but busy Mother's Day. The best part was that Molly took a 3 hour nap. She didn't know it, but that was the best present she could have given me. :) A few other milestones - Molly is currently getting 4 more teeth in; that will make 12 total. It's also pretty consistent that she'll wave and say "bye-bye" when someone's leaving. A few other words that she'll whisper to you are apple and ball. And she often points to a cow in her book, or hands me a toy cow and says "Moo." So we're on our way to having a few more real words.

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