Happy Easter!

We hope everyone had a very Happy Easter!  Since Easter came so early this year, it was actually Molly's second one even before she was a year old. Molly is becoming a pro at walking.  She's going to wear a path in the carpet around the coffee table and up and down the hallway before too long. :)  We got her some shoes, but she's still getting used to them so isn't always keen on walking in them.  She has begun clapping and saying "yea", but she likes to have the attention so she won't clap with you, only after you finish clapping will she clap for you.  Some of her favorite toys are books and she loves to read them aloud.  She is better about sitting still to read before bed, but does still like to turn the pages before we're done with all the words on the page.  Her hair is long enough now that I've started putting it in pigtails.  It's very cute. :)

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