Smiles from Molly

It's crazy to think that Molly will be 10 months old on Wednesday!  She is starting to understand us a little, and will crawl over to you, or follow you to her room or for a bath, if you ask her to;  though sometimes she "walks" to her room (with help, of course).  Often, she does not like to put her toys down, so she'll crawl around the room and pull up with them in her hands.  Because she plays with toys in each hand, she will pull away from the table and balance on her own.  She's probably up to 15 seconds of standing like a big girl. We got some video of it, so make sure to check it out.  We're slowly introducing more "adult" food to her.  She does well with green beans, crackers, chicken and peaches.  I've tried introducing a sippy cup and a straw to her, but as of now her only interest is chewing on them, not drinking, so that challenge continues.  We had a few warmer days earlier in the month, so Molly and I ventured to a playground with some friends.  She LOVED swinging!  The picture doesn't show it because it's really hard to swing a baby, and take a picture at the same time.  I even stopped by the playground a second time that week just so we could swing again.  :)

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