Molly update

I just wanted to give everyone an update on me. Now I enjoy hanging out with my mom. I especially like playing at the playground and going on walks around the lake with her. My dad comes occasionally, but we usually go while he's at work. I also like riding in the car and going to church. I really like the music at church, though sitting still for an entire service can be tough. I'm just starting to make word-like noises. My favorite noises used to be "ike, ike, ike," "ba ba ba," "ggggg," and "gheee," but now I like to say things like "Da Da" when my dad walks in the room (or sometimes at other random times that have nothing to do with my dad). Since I can't really talk yet, I get by with my smiles and my giggles. And let's face it, I'm really cute so it's not hard to get attention. I'm also very active. I started rolling over from front to back when I was 4 weeks old. My aunt EA says that makes me "freaking advanced." I don't let it go to my head though; it's important to stay grounded. I also like so stand up, and have even started taking a few steps. Mommy has started feeding me "real people" food. My favorite food is cheese, though I also like bananas, pears, broccoli, green beans, pumpkin and peaches. Like my daddy, I don't like sweet potatoes or carrots, but I think Mommy is finding way to trick me into eating them. I had a really busy seventh month. I finally got the hang of crawling, I started pulling up on sofas and coffee tables, and two bottom teeth made an appearance. I was so calm while teething that I gave Mommy and Daddy a great surprise the day of the Auburn/Alabama game when my teeth poked through. I am on a roll now with this teething thing and have six teeth all the way in. I also like to follow Mommy and Daddy around from room to room. Although sometimes I get stuck when they hop over these white bars, but when they forget to close them - watch out!

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