New Yord trip part 9

It's been a fun and exciting day so far. We started off today by going on a TV and Movie sites tour, where we got to see lots of places that have been used in television and film. It was a lot of fun, and I'd recommend it to anyone visiting NYC. Check out the pictures for more on this. Afterward, we headed to 6th Avenue because we'd seen on TV that morning that it was closed between 50th and 55th Street for the shooting of Spiderman 3. We walked up to a small crowd and papers flying everywhere. It turned out that the front group of people were actually extras, which explained why they were wearing winter coats and suits in the 80 plus degree weather. This was apparently a shot from right after a fight sequence, as there was a cab with a table through its windshield. We saw Spiderman (probably the stunt double, not Tobey Maguire) talking to Gwen Stacy (played by Bryce Dallas Howard). It was pretty cool.

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