New Yord trip part 7

We slept a little late today, so we basically lost the morning. But none the less, we're out and about again. We caught some lunch at a small deli near the hotel, and then headed out to spend much of the day checking out the shops on 5th Avenue and nearby. We started at H&M, but did not spend much time there. We then proceeded up 5th, past the Trump Tower, and stopped at the Sony Wonder Technology Lab. It was mostly geared toward kids, but it was fun nonetheless. They at least had a giant Spiderman on the wall. We then proceeded up to the brand new Apple Store (make sure to look at the pictures of this, as it's quite cool). Then, we went on to F.A.O. Schwarz, where we got to play the giant piano from Big. Now, we're headed to Times Square.

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