New Yord trip part 6

After lunch, we headed to The Met. We're not big museum people, but we figured we had to go to at least one. We took the "Highlights" tour, which gives you a 1 hour overview of the museum. It was not bad, and I'm sure it would have been even better for those more interested in the subject matter. The more impressive thing to me was the architecture and sheer magnitude of the museum. It was amazing, including many many floors and rooms filled with artwork, a huge courtyard, and a room specially built to house an Egyptian temple that was brought over. After the tour, we headed to Central Park to check it out. We sat on a bench for a little while to rest, then walked from the midpoint to the southern end of the park. We didn't realize how big the park was, and so we've definitely had enough walking. We planned to walk down to the Carnegie Deli for dinner, but we didn't have enough time since our walk took so long. So, we got some hot dogs from a vendor in the park, then headed to the theater. The Producers was very funny though we couldn't tell the difference between the quality of this play on Broadway and the plays that hit local thaters such as the Hippodrome. I think we'll be sleeping in tomorrow.

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