New Yord trip part 11

We debated about getting up early enough to go to the Today Show set during the show, but decided against it. So instead, we woke up a little later and headed that way. We saw the new Today Show summer set they're constructing, and went up to the Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Center. There's a great view from up there, and it was much less crowded than the Empire State Building. We then headed to The Meat Factory, which is a Churrascaria, or Brazillian Barbeque. It's pretty cool. They give you a little thing about the size of a salt shaker that is green on one side, yellow in the middle, and red on the other side (like a stoplight). At the beginning of the meal, you put the red side up and get salad, soup, and bread. When you're ready for the main course, you turn the green side up. Then, the waiters will walk around to your table with different meats on giant skewers. They will then slide pieces off onto your plate. We had 6 different meats, including top sirloin, sirloin, pork tenderloin, pork sausage, ribs, and chicken. When you're done, you turn the thing on its side to yellow and they'll ask you about dessert and the check. It was really good, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for something different. After lunch, we headed to the AMC Empire 25 movie theater to see X-Men 3 before heading home. The theater was incredibly tall. We had to go up 4 escalators to get to our theater, and there were more escalators still going up. I guess that's how you fit 25 theaters into midtown Manhattan. The movie was excellent, so make sure you see it. Then we went to the hotel to pick up our stuff and headed to Penn Station to catch the train back. Thankfully, the trains were actually running today. We grabbed a couple of sandwiches from a deli in the station, then hopped on board the train for the trip back. Boarding the train was interesting, as its a mad dash for seats, and Jen and I ended up sitting across the aisle from one another. But the train is very nice for this trip. It is faster than driving and there's no traffic. The seats are spacious and have electrical outlets at them. This is definitely the way to travel. Well, we'll be home soon. It was a good trip, though it's definitely not our kind of town. We saw most of what we wanted to see, so we probably won't be heading back any time soon. But, it was a good trip. Be sure to check out pictures from the entire trip.

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