Leah’s first solo in big church

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Back in March, Leah sang her first solo in big church and did a great job. Here she is with the praise band, leading the congregation in a new song. I thought I had posted this back then, but I apparently just put it on Twitter.

Finally snow

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We thought we wouldn’t get any real snow this year, but we finally got a small snow storm. It was a very icy, but the girls said that meant the sledding was faster and more fun. Here is Molly headed down.

Finally snow

Leah wanted me to take a video of her, and she kindly showed off a bit.

The girls still love penguin sliding in the tracks created by their sleds. The icy snow meant they could slide even faster.

Penguin sliding

The girls made a cute little snowman by the front door.

Little snowman

Cute little snowman

Choirs in March

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Leah and Molly both sang with their choirs again in March. This time, Leah got the earlier service while Molly was in the later one.

Ready to celebrate Dr. Seuss

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Ready to celebrate Dr. Seuss! Jen made the girls Dr. Seuss themed shirts for Dr. Seuss spirit week. The decals are just vinyl stickers so she could put something more permanent on the shirts later - unicorns.

No way

Ready to celebrate Dr. Seuss

With hoods

Choirs in Feburary

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Both the girls’ choirs sang on the same day in February (Molly at the 9:30 service, Leah at the 11:00 service).

Decades Day

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The girls had Decades Day at school, where they dressed in attire from their favorite decade (or decades). Looking good, girls.

Decades Day

Decades Day

Decades Day

Star Wars Lego girl

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Aunt Caroline and Uncle Charles brought the girls Legos from their visit to the flagship Lego store in Denmark. Leah got Rey’s speeder from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. She was excited to build it, but made sure to grab her Rey quarterstaff from her Halloween costume and sling it across her back for the build.

Star Wars Lego girl

Day of service

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Our church once again took part in the day of service on MLK day. There were lots of service activities, but the girls were most excited to sew pillowcases for kids in the hospital. So, we headed there first so the girls could use their skills.

Day of service

Molly sewing

Leah sewing

Completed pillowcases

We also made braided jump ropes. They took unwanted T-shirts and cut them up into strips, which we braided together and attached handles to.

Braided jump ropes

Braided jump ropes

We did some other things as well, but I apparently only got pictures of the crafty projects.

First Grade Bumble Bee

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Leah participated in the First Grade Bumble Bee at school. It was impressive how well these kids that haven't been spelling for long did in such a stressful situation. It was a standard single-elimination style spelling bee, and Leah did great, making it to the 5th round (which was when the words got hard, knocking out all but 3 students).

Here is a compilation of each of her words.

She did so great. I was worried when she stumbled on the first word, but she conquered her nerves.

First Grade Bumble Bee

American Girl store

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Three days after Christmas, G’Mom and Grampa arrived to continue the fun. Jen came up with a fun activity to do when they were in town. We made the trip down to Tyson’s Corner to go to the American Girl store. The girls were quite excited. They both had a bunch of gift cards they had been saving up for some time, and it was time to spend them.

American Girl store

Here they are with a couple of their chosen items.


This place seems to inspire joy in these girls.


Here they are with bags full of fun in front of the store’s Christmas tree.

Their loot