Blue belt test

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It’s test time at karate again, and Molly is going for her blue belt. This is a big step, as it will mean she moves out of the beginner class and into the advanced one. It also means she gets a to train with.

Here she is having her core strength tested.

Karate test

There was no surprise who Molly would choose to spar when she had a choice.


Nice punch!

Sparring advanced belts

Sensei sat on Molly in push up position to test her strength.

Supporting Sensei

Molly got her blue belt!

Got her blue belt

Congratulations Molly on your blue belt!


Lego robotics

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Molly participated in an after school Lego robotics program, and I volunteered as the parent helper. The program was run by Bricks for Kidz (which we love), and was awesome. We used the Lego Mindstorms EV3 kits and software. Here’s Molly building a jumping spider.

Lego robotics

Molly’s program this week used a proximity sensor to detect when something came close to the spider, then activated the robotic arm to make it jump at that thing. The first time it jumped, she was a bit shocked. Sorry for the heavy vignette, but I did not get permission to post a picture of her partner.


Lego camp

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Last week, the girls attended a Frozen-themed Lego camp at Snapology. When I went to pick them up on the last day, they wanted to show me what they had built that day. They were celebrating Anna’s birthday and had built lots of birthday stuff for it. Oh, and please don’t try to infer Batgirl’s secret identity from this picture. She might get mad at me if I gave it away.

Lego camp