Maple sugaring

For a fun outing, we joined Grams and headed to Brookside Nature Center for their Maple Sugaring days. They taught us about the process of making maple syrup. Here they are cooking down the sap to make syrup.

Maple sugaring

At the end of the activity, we all got pancakes with maple syrup (of course).


Maryland doesn’t create much maple syrup. While Vermont creates up to 2 million gallons a year, Maryland comes in with a total of 0 gallons. But that doesn’t stop Brookside Gardens from creating a little bit from their 5 sugar maple trees. We even got to taste a little of what they’d produced by dipping a popsicle stick in this little jar of it.

Maryland syrup

We picked up a couple of maple treats, including this cotton candy made from maple syrup.

Maple cotton candy

After the maple fun, we headed to Aunt EA and Uncle Scott’s house to hang out. Leah was happy to read Charlie a book.

Reading to Charlie

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