Girls and Dolls

For her seventh birthday, Molly decided she wanted an American Girl tea party. Something fancy and fun and all the guests could bring their dolls with them. Of course, girls were welcome to bring any doll - not just American Girl ones.

It's birthday time

Party prep

We created a banquet table for all 14 girls. Jen added the fancy decorations and place settings. She fixed fruit, muffins, turkey croissants, scones, and strawberry wafer cookies and stacked them on three-tier serving plates.

The table is set

Molly requested chocolate cupcakes with pink icing. Jen obliged (but next time, no fancy pink wrappers that stained her baking pans and proved more difficult to unwrap!).

Superstar cupcakes

While brainstorming about the party, I thought the girls would have fun having a doll fashion show. They could dress up their dolls, walk them down the runway, and have their picture taken along the way by the photographer (me). So, I built this doll runway out of some plywood and 2x4’s, then Jen made a skirt and covering for it.

Doll runway


The party began with a craft that the girls could work on as they arrived. Jen showed them how to make rainbow tutus for their dolls.

The party begins

Haley was very focused on making her tutu.

Busy working

Tea time

After making doll tutus, it was time for tea. Well, they didn’t actually drink tea. They had the option of hot apple cider or pink lemonade. Many actually chose the apple cider, though quite a few changed their minds after tasting the warm drink.

Tea time

While the girls had tea, their dolls waited patiently on the couch with their bags in front of them.

Waiting room

Grace and Molly toast to a new year of life. May 7 be even more fun than 6.


The girls loved the goodies Jen had made. Abigail even asked Jen for the recipe for the scones.


As the girls had tea, the weather outside took an unexpected turn. We were expecting to have a rainy but relatively warm day. So, we were very surprised to look out the window during the party to find this. It ended up snowing most of the rest of the day, though it had been so warm that it all turned to slush quickly.


After tea, it was time for cupcakes and candles.

Bracelet making

After tea and cupcakes, we moved on to another craft - making bracelets. The girls each made two - one sized for them and another sized for their doll.

Bracelet making

They picked beads out and strung them on clear plastic strands.


You have to be very careful to ensure the beads are close together but don’t bump out of place.

Twin bracelets

No goofing off here. Everyone is head down, hard at work.


Some of the beads had letters on them, which meant we all spent a lot of time searching for certain letters to spell names.

Letter search
Hard at work

I don’t know how Haley pulls off this tongue trick.

Nice trick

Yes, it’s time for girls to make silly faces at the camera.

Camera faces

Nice face Molly. And nice job trying to steal the shot, Grace.


Fashion show

Next, all the girls got their dolls dressed for the fashion show. We have lots of doll clothes, so there was plenty for everyone to wear.

Dressing room

Cora is looking exceptionally sweet with her fashionable doll ready to go down the runway.


Time for the runway show. Of course, the birthday girl was up first.

Fashion show

Notice that Jen made Molly and her doll (also named Molly) matching dresses.

Down the runway

You may have also noticed my laptop in the above picture. To make the runway show more exciting, I gave the girls live photography. My camera uploaded pictures as I took them to my laptop. I wrote a small app for my laptop to notice the new pictures and display them on the TV on the wall. So, the girls not only got to walk the runway, they also got to see themselves on the big screen as they did so.

Leah was of course second in line. Jen also made Leah and her doll, Rose, matching dresses.

Nice job, Rose

Camryn’s doll skated down the runway.

Skating down the runway

Abigail’s doll is ready for a masquerade ball.

Masquerade ball

Flowing colors surround Grace’s doll.

Flowing colors

Maria’s doll was ready to head straight from the runway to the soccer field.

Sporty Spice

Cora’s doll has it all - hat, dress, necklace, and boots.

Full ensemble

Elsa cooled the show down as Keira escorted her down the runway.

Snow Queen

Riley’s doll Miranda is looking very elegant.

Elegant Miranda

Alyssa lights up the room.


Haley found an outfit for her doll to match her own. Also, you can get a bit of a glimpse of the live fashion photography on the wall above.


Ariana’s doll is ready to take on the snow that’s falling outside.

Snow ready

14 girls, 14 dolls. Fun for all.

The whole gang

I think everyone had a great time. I don't know that I'll build platforms and write custom apps for every one of the girls parties, but it was definitely fun this time.


  1. emk says:

    So fab! I bet all the girls had an AMAZING time!!!

  2. Stephanie says:

    Cora had a fantastic time! Loved the pictures:). Thanks for sharing!

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