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Legos with Dad

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The girls and I again had fun at the Legos with Dad event at their school, as we have the past couple of years.

Legos with Dad

Legos with Dad

Legos with Dad

Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day was a busy one. It started with going to the 9:30 service at church where the girls choirs were singing.

Leah sang with the Cherub Choir for the last time on Mother's Day. When choirs resume in the fall, she'll be moving up to join Molly and the other big kids. Apologies for losing her in the shot for much of the video. It’s tough to get a good angle on these.

Next up was Molly’s choir.

Then I led kid’s worship at 11:00 before heading to East Moon Asian Bistro for a fancy sushi lunch (the girls had Salmon Teriyaki) with the four of us and Grams.

Eventually, we made it home so Jen could open her presents.

Mother's Day

Family tennis

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With a little bit warmer weather at the beginning of May, we were able to get out on the tennis court as a family. Yes, even Jen joined us, and we all had a great time.

Family tennis

Spring concert

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Molly had her spring concert for both chorus and orchestra, and she did great. Here she is all dressed up for her spring concert.

Spring concert

Molly’s loved being in chorus this year. They do such fun songs, as you can see here.

I’m still so impressed with how well the Advanced Orchestra (4th and 5th graders) at school plays. They’ve come a long way, and are performing some complicated and long pieces now. Molly was excited that someone got to even play a solo this time, and she did a great job at the front of the viola section.

And pay attention to Molly’s feet in the second song. I think she needs to learn to sit forward enough so her feet touch the ground.

Great job, Molly!

High socks

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Leah continues to be a serious tennis player. And now that it’s warm, she can dress the part as well. Leah got a couple pair of high socks at Easter, and now she wants to wear them whenever she plays tennis, just like Bethany Mattek-Sands.

High socks

I posted that picture to Twitter back when I took it and was surprised to get a response for Leah from Bethany herself!

Here are a few action shots of Leah at her lesson.

Tennis lessons

Tennis lessons

Tennis lessons

Tennis lessons

Purple belt test

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Back in April, Molly tested for her purple belt in karate. Here she is doing a kata.

Purple belt test

And sparring.


She did it! Congratulations, Molly!

Getting her belt

Purple belt


Post test

Molly was done with her green belt.

Done with green

Staff Appreciation Week

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For Staff Appreciation Week (way back in April) at the girls’ school, families were asked to “adopt” a staff member. The girls chose one of the GT teachers and worked together with Jen to make a poster for the classroom door.

Staff Appreciation

Mind Masters

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Molly participated in the county-wide Rube Goldberg machine competition this school year. Her team was called the Mind Masters, and they had to build a complicated Rube Goldberg machine to raise a banner.

Mind Masters

It took many weeks of work designing and building, and quite a few runs to get it to actually work, but they did it.

The before picture.

Rube Goldberg before

And the after picture.

Rube Goldberg after