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Lots of singing

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The girls have sung a lot in church recently, and I’ve neglected to post them. So, here’s a catch-up post of lots and lots of singing.

First, way back on Valentine’s Day, Molly’s choir sang in big church (at the traditional service).

Then, at the beginning of March, Leah and her choir sang (and rang) in big church (this time in the contemporary service we usually attend).

A few weeks later, Molly's choir sang His Grace and Every Move I Make in church a few weeks ago. Sadly, you can't see much of Molly from this angle, but you get a glimpse of her every once in a while.

The girls choirs combined together, along with the youth and adult choirs, for Palm Sunday.

Palm Sunday singing


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Bedtime is always fun when G’Mom and Grampa are in town. But first, the girls need to get upstairs to get ready. The girls ask me to give them a piggyback ride at bed time most nights. Sometimes it’ll be one of them, sometimes the other, and sometimes both in a double piggyback ride.

Double piggyback ride

G’Mom and Grampa were happy to do some bedtime reading while they were in town.

Bedtime reading

Climbing party

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The day after our date night at ClimbZone, Leah got to attend a birthday party for one of her classmates there. Molly even got to tag along for the climbing fun.

ClimbZone party

Leah did an excellent job climbing.

Leah on the wall

Like most of the kids her age, she wasn’t interested in climbing all the way to the top, but she got pretty close.

Up the ropes

Up high on the ropes

Molly was zooming up to the top all over the place. Here she is on the Speed Wall just before she hit the button to stop the timer.

Speed wall

Happy birthday Liam! Thanks for inviting us!

Date night climbing

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G’Mom and Grampa came in town for Molly’s birthday celebration. While in town, they offered to watch the girls for an evening so Jen and I could have a date night. We decided to do something different, and went to ClimbZone for some climbing.

Date night

It was fun. Almost everyone there was there with their kids, though there were some younger adults without kids in addition to us.

Chad climbing

You pay for a three hour time slot, but that’s a lot more time than either of us could reasonably climb for. We went out to dinner beforehand at Blaze Pizza, and arrived about an hour late for our time slot. That left us two hours to climb, which was plenty.

Jen climbing

Jen down low

Lots of fun, a bit of exercise, and we weren’t too sore the next day.

Solo and Ensemble Festival

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Molly performed a viola solo at the county Solo and Ensemble Festival. She did a fantastic job, and received high marks from the judge.

Solo and Ensemble Festival

I wanted to record video of it, but didn’t want to distract her. So, I just set my camera on my lap pointed at her without calling attention to it. Molly was so focused, though, she probably wouldn’t have noticed if I was doing jumping jacks.

Great job, Molly!