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More fun with cousins

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After the big zoo trip, the rest of our cousin fun was smaller and more local. Sunday we went to church, then headed home for some lunch. After lunch, the girls showed Emmie how much fun sledding in warm weather can be when you have a steep enough hill.

Warm weather sledding

Sunday afternoon was beautiful, so we headed to one of the many local playgrounds (this one at Centennial Park) to go to the playground.

Playground visit

After playing outside, we opted for to cool down with a sweet treat. Rita’s Italian ice and custard were perfect.


Thanks for coming to visit us! We look forward to seeing you guys this summer.

Cousins and animals

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Cousins came to visit for the weekend, and we decided to show them the fun that is the National Zoo. Emmie was excited to enjoy the beautiful day with her cousins at this fantastic (and free) zoo.

Cousins and animals

We started checking out the big cats. A bunch of lions were out chilling.

Lion viewing

Here are a few of the lions they were watching.


They checked out the turtles, as we have done before.


We took a break for a snack in the sea lion show seats (they had no shows that afternoon, sadly).

Snack break

JJ, an expert snacker.


Molly helped Emmie cool off.

Cooling off

We walked up to the elephant outpost at the bottom of the hill, which can be an excellent place to see the elephants up close. Sadly, they were hanging out at the top of this hill. But JJ managed to get a view of them from afar. We got to see them closer later, after hiking up the hill.

Long distance elephants

As we got up to the top side of the zoo, JJ spotted the giant stuffed panda at the Friends of the National Zoo booth. They were nice enough to let him hold it for a second.

Big panda

We made it all the way to the top to the front entrance on Connecticut Avenue to take a picture in the zoo sign, as we have done before.

Zoo sign

On the walk back down, we stopped into the gift shop and the kids each got a souvenir. Leah liked the lions so much, she got one of her own.

Toy stop

All the kids did great with all the walking (between 4 and 5 miles, according to my pedometer), but occasionally got some help. JJ got a ride on Aunt Jen as we headed down hill back to our cars.

Piggyback ride

As always, the zoo was lots of fun for all involved. We look forward to more visits to come.

Preschool art show

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Like last year, Leah’s preschool had an art show for us to come and see. Here’s Leah next to her first piece - Self portrait: then and now.

Preschool Art Show


Earth and moon

This next one is a Native American Tale. The description as written:

Leah and Molly were by the water. A bear chased after us. We ran on the path to our camp. We climbed rocks and built another camp. It was day.
Native American Tale

For their bodies in motion section, each kid was photographed showing some sort of motion. Leah decided to do a bridge for gymnastics.


After the show, they had a meeting for the parents. Most of the kids decided the playground was more fun, even if some of the things there were a bit too small for Molly to fit.


Great job, Leah!

New shorts

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With warmer weather arriving, Molly requested shorts with pockets. After almost a month sewing hiatus (due to my machine being in for service) I made sure to honor Molly’s request first thing!

I used Brownie-Goose Summer Sailors, which happens to only include faux pockets, but thanks to this tutorial I turned them into real pockets!

New shorts

Chad and Leah thought the short were a bit wild, but Molly and I love them!

Wild shorts

Belt promotion

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Last week was a milestone week for the girls in karate. Leah had a stripe ceremony, and Molly tested to get her yellow belt. This followed the same template as last time, so it wasn’t quite as scary this time around.

First up, Leah’s stripe ceremony. Here she is leading the class in their initial chant.

Stripe ceremony

Leah and Serena demonstrated 10 point, where they take turns striking (without making contact).

10 point

Here’s Leah receiving her teamwork stripe.

Earning her stripe

Leah also got a medal for perfect attendance, and a certificate of completion.

Medal too

After Leah’s stripe ceremony, it was time for Molly’s belt test. I managed to get a lot more shots this time, though they still have reflections as I had to shoot through 2 sets of plexiglass.

Here she is as the test is about to begin. Molly is ready to go.

Ready to test

Her strength was tested.

Strength test

Sensei tested their abdominal strength by walking on them. Yes, it’s very odd to watch an adult step on your child.

Strong belly

Molly continues to love sparring. She’s starting to get better at it, too.



As the girls lined up to receive their new belts, Molly was so excited she couldn’t contain herself. It was so noticeable that we had other parents commenting to us about it.


Here it comes.

Here it comes

Getting her yellow belt

Bow to show respect.


After bowing to show respect, jump up and down to show excitement.


And hug

Final hug

Leah wants to make sure you don’t miss the fact that she got a medal.

All done

OK, now a straight one.

All done

Planetarium in preschool

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Like her sister before her, Leah got to experience the fun of a planetarium in the middle of her preschool classroom. And, as with her sister before her, I got to be there for the fun. It’s a giant inflatable dome (that is slightly too big for the room as it smooshes into the ceiling) that serves as a planetarium.

Planetarium in preschool

Leah watched in wonder and loved the show. She’s so into space now, she says she wants a space-themed birthday party. It was so dark that it was hard to get a picture, so I waited until our spaceship had landed back on Earth where it was a bit brighter to take this one.