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Preschool party

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Last year, we hosted a Back to School BBQ for Leah's preschool class. This year, Jen decided to change it up and switch to an ice cream party. Yet again, we had around 60 people (a bit under this year) at our house.

Preschool party

Immediately upon arrival, the kids decided running or rolling down the steep hill in our back yard was a fun activity.

Hill rolling

We supplied the ice cream and everyone else brought lots of toppings. While everyone couldn't fit in the kitchen to fill their bowls at one time, here's a shot at the initial onslaught.

Ice cream

We fixed bowls inside, but then headed outside to eat. It was very nice in the shade on the porch.

Chowing down

Some decided that the hill was not just for running/rolling, but also for eating ice cream.

Alternate seating

After ice cream, there was a lot of playing. This included frisbee throwing. It only got stuck on the roof twice.


The hill is not just for running, rolling, or eating ice cream. It can also create new sports. Here the kids put the soccer goal at the bottom, carried soccer balls to the top, then rolled them down toward the goal like a bowling ball. I call it hillside soccer bowling.

Hillside soccer bowling

While many of the kids played outside, many others packed into our basement playroom for some fun with toys.

Packed basement

The party was a lot of fun. It's a bit sad to know that this is the last beginning of preschool we'll ever celebrate. But we'll just focus on the fun year of preschool we've got ahead of us instead of thinking about that.

Back-to-School picnic

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As they do every year, Molly's school had their back-to-school picnic. Leah couldn't wait to get her face painted.

Face painting

Molly got her face painted after Leah, which gave Leah plenty of time to check out her reflection.

Molly too

Face painting, complete. The girls were actually very excited about the result, despite their faces.

End result

Molly participated in the hula hoop contest. She didn't win, but had a lot of fun.

Hula hoop contest

These four friends had a lot of fun together.


The picnic even had a green screen photo booth to put you on exotic backgrounds.

Green screen

And here's a look at what the photo booth spit out for the girls.

Photo booth

Preschool prelude

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The Friday before the first day of preschool meant it was time for a classroom visit. Leah was excited to see the new ponies and trains to play with.

Preschool prelude

Here's Leah with 3 of her teachers. Sadly, number 4 was sick. We hope you feel better soon.


We're looking forward to a great final year of preschool.


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The girls have started a new activity - karate. Here they are ready to head to their first class, which they enjoyed a lot. And even better, we found an all-female dojo for them to join - no boys allowed. In case you’re wondering about their faces here, they’re showing off their kiai!