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Mother’s Day with Grams

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We spent much of Mother’s Day with my mom (crazy, I know). These girls love their Grams.

Happy Mother's Day!

Grams and Leah

Grams and Molly

Leah loves Grams’s charm bracelets, and wants Grams to explain each charm every time we get together.

Bracelet lover

A day at the farm

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Molly’s class took a field trip to Green Meadows Petting Farm. Non-chaperoning parents and siblings were invited to attend, so Leah and I drove out to meet Molly. The rubber duck races were a big hit with all the kids.

Field trip to the petting farm

Molly and Grace had a great day at the farm together, especially on the extremely bumpy hay ride.

Best Friends

Those are some funny looking animals!

Pretty pictures

Grace was the first of the group to step up and milk the cow.

Milking a cow

It took a bit of coaxing to get Molly to try milking the cow, but she finally was willing. Notice the stream of milk flowing in front of her.

Finally willing to try

The farm asked that only adults pick up the animals, but Grace was so excited to help hold a baby bunny.

Baby bunny

I think the bunny decided that Molly needed a few bunny kisses. Note that Leah does not appear in any of these pictures with animals. She was perfectly willing to enjoy them from a distance.

Bunny kisses

Mother’s Day at ECP

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Leah invited me to a Mother’s Day tea at her preschool. We enjoyed a lovely snack of cheese and crackers, strawberries, and Hershey’s kisses while donning a fabulous crown. :)

Mother's Day at ECP

I was also given a special pillowcase created from Leah’s artwork. It was a wonderful morning!

A gift for Mom

Cousin pics

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Of course, with cousins in town, we need a picture of them. Here are the four of them after church on Sunday.


The kids really wanted to take a picture with toys. We told them the could after we took one without. So, after the previous picture, we obliged and they were very excited. Well, maybe Leah wasn't quite as excited as the other girls.

Toys, hooray?

Up, up, and away

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Emmie, JJ, Aunt ‘Chelle, and Uncle J came to visit us, and we decided to check out the Air and Space Museum’s giant Udvar-Hazy Center. It consists of a couple of huge hangars full of things that fly.

Cousins and planes

One hangar is full of aviation stuff, but the other is even cooler as it’s full of space stuff. The girls are ready to blast off, standing under Space Shuttle Discovery. It’s big.

Blast off

The space shuttle is very impressive. Seeing the more than 24,000 unique heat shield tiles up close is really cool.


The Space Shuttle Main Engines are huge too. Molly's still ready for blast-off.

Big engines

Leah was excited to see that the Apollo 11 astronauts landed in the ocean when they returned to Earth, and used these floaties to stay afloat.

Splash down

There were a lot of aircraft in the aviation hangar.

Aviation hangar

JJ loved everything, especially the helicopters which he called "copter" over and over again.


Four kids and some helicopters… and a bit of one Mommy for moral support.

Four kids and some helicopters

Look, Mommy. An airplane!

Look, Mommy

It's fun to be a little girl, especially when you've got cousins and sisters together.

Swing your arms

Sometimes, silly faces are easier to get than smiles.


Molly's favorite exhibit was the SR-71 Blackbird. She liked the fastest plane in the world so much, she even got a toy of it at the gift shop.


The museum was very cool. It's not very interactive like some others, and instead is a traditional "look at all this stuff" kind of museum. But the stuff to look at is really cool stuff.

Ballet sisters

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Molly and Leah have ballet class back-to-back on Saturday. Leah loves to watch Molly’s class. She sits in the doorway for most of the class, mesmerized by the older girls dancing.


Occasionally, Molly’s ballet class goes into a larger room to practice what it will be like on stage for their recital. Leah gets to sit up front to act as the audience for them, which she loves.

The audience