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Our little snow bunny

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It started snowing while Molly was at school on Thursday. She wanted to play in it as soon as we got home, so after Leah went down for her nap, we went outside to play.

Let it snow!

Molly was so cute. She'd use her hands like little shovels to scoop the snow together, then pat it like she was making a snowball before she'd scoop it into her hands.

Scooping and patting

Look Mommy, snow!

Look Mommy, Snow!

She kept trying to catch snowflakes with her tongue,

Catching snowflakes

and eating the snow.

Eating the snow

I finally convinced her to head back inside and warm up with hot chocolate. Molly took a few sips, then declared that she wanted cold hot chocolate instead.

Warming up inside

Holiday trains

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Our playgroup took the kids to Brookside Garden's train exhibit. The kids loved watching all the trains go by.

Holiday trains

These two sure do love each other! Molly kept talking about how "Keira was wearing boots just like me!"

Girls and their boots

Leah enjoyed watching the choo choo trains too.

Choo choo

The exhibit had an I Spy list. Simon was in his own little world working on it with one of the employees.

I Spy trains

We've had so much trouble getting pictures of Leah standing still that I just had to capture the rare moment!

Standing still

Gymnastics show

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Molly had her first gymnastics show this past weekend. They invited parents of preschoolers to come see what they've learned. They rotated through several stations. Here's Molly at the vault station. Next was the floor station, which Chad caught on video.

Gymnastics show

Here she is swinging from the bar in order to kick the cylinder over.

Hanging around

She called this a bottom jump, in which she jumps high on the trampoline, then lands in a sitting position, then back to standing.

Bottom jump

All the kids got certificates and medals. Molly was absolutely thrilled to get her medal. She kept saying, "I've never had a medal like this before!" In fact, she wore it all day and had to be convinced to take it off for bed.

Medal ceremony

Trimming the tree

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We braved the first minor snow and got our Christmas tree. It was our first time getting a "cut it yourself tree," though they actually cut it down for us. It was great browsing trees with a light dusting of snow on them.

Christmas tree

Clark's Farm even had Santa on duty. Leah was scared of him, but Molly hopped in his sleigh to say hi.

Hi Santa

That evening we decorated our Christmas tree. Since the tree hadn't been manicured, Chad had to invoke the "tree diet" and trim the tree to make it fit! Molly was an ornament hanging machine. She was especially excited to find our Disney-themed ornaments.

More ornaments

Leah wasn't into putting ornaments on the tree in the beginning. She hung onto this Minney Mouse ornament for a long time and had lots of fun decorating and dancing to Christmas music.

Happy little girl

She did eventually catch the Christmas spirit after watching her sister adorn the tree.

Try again

To begin with, almost all the ornaments were hung 3 feet from the ground. Chad encouraged Molly to hang them higher, and then she decided she wanted to hang them all "really really high." So, Chad became the Daddy ladder.

Ornaments up high

Molly is quite proud of our tree.

Proud girl

Gingerbread House party

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Molly was invited to a Gingerbread House party. The houses were prepped and ready for decorating.

Gingerbread House party

There was some Mommy help, but it was definitely directed by the 3 year olds!

Decorators at work

Molly had such a good time adding all the special details. She'd grab a handful of candy, add a few to her house, then ask if she could eat the rest!

Focused on building

Smiling with the Gingerbread family.

Smiling with the Gingerbread family

First gymnastics show

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Molly had her first gymnastics show this past weekend. A blog post on this is coming, but for now here's a short video of one of the stations from the show.