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Doing flips

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Molly loves to be flung and flipped around. I don't think she's ever gotten tired of it and wanted to stop. She always just keeps saying "Again!" If I never got tired I think she would keep doing this for days.


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This video was taken back in January when the Batsons visited. Molly loves playing games, and peekaboo is an old favorite.

We’re growing

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Yes, our family is growing, and consequently so am I! We're pregnant and due September 6th with another baby girl. We're thrilled for Molly to take on the new roll of being a big sister and to finally be able to share this exciting news!

More visiting

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On Saturday, Jeremy made us all a fabulous breakfast, including beignets, sausage and eggs. The baby girls' Great Grandma Dot also came over to visit for the morning. I think Emmie enjoyed being with her, what do you think?

Molly had fun peeking around Mommy at Uncle J at the table.

Sunday brought the biggest snow fall to Birmingham that had seen in years (a mere 2 inches, ha!), but that didn't stop us from making it to Emmie's baby dedication. Jeremy did a great job driving such precious cargo to the church. Here's Michelle and her sweet baby girl on her big day.

We tried our best to get a picture of the sisters and their daughters. It's getting more and more difficult to get Molly to sit still, so here's our best effort.

And one more fun picture to share...Chad caught Emmie mid-sneeze!

Meeting Emily Jane

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Chad, Molly and I flew down to Birmingham this past Thursday to meet our new neice Emily. Molly did great on the flight, however she must have been so excited to meet her new cousin that she decided to skip her nap entirely, even staying awake on the car ride to Aunt 'Chelle's.

We decided to play a little Wii after dinner. Michelle decided to show off her incredible ability to multi-task.

G'mom and Grampa arrived on Friday afternoon and quickly learned that if you are eating a snack that means sharing with Molly! Molly has become quite the mooch if you are eating any kind of snack in front of her.

We tried to get Molly to give Emmie kisses multiple times over the weekend, but this is the best shot we could get. We realized that if anyone was holding Emmie, Molly didn't really want to come to you. Molly didn't act up, and she wasn't mean to Emmie, she just decided that a baby wasn't fun to play with so she tended to stay away.