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New York trip part 3

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We finally got here. Our cab driver in Baltimore was kind enough to use some aggressive driving to get us to the bus station in time to catch the bus to New York. We bought our tickets and waited a few minutes for the bus to arrive. When it did arrive, we went to board and were told that it was full. Thankfully, the bus driver asked the driver of the Carolina Trailways bus next to us if he had room to take us to New York. He agreed to take us, and we got on board. Unfortunately, it was his first time driving to New York, and he made a few wrong turns, but we eventually got here. We then bought our subway passes, and got on the right train going the wrong way. Fortunately, we realized our mistake quickly, and turned around. We're finally in our hotel, the Grand Union. Our room is small, but it's clean and has a mini-fridge. Unfortunately, it's too late for us to go get tickets for a show tonight, so we'll have to wait till tomorrow. Tonight, we're going to check out the Flatiron district as well as the Empire State Building, then get some sleep. It's been a long day already.

New York trip part 2

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Well, we got dropped off at the Amtrak station with plenty of time. Unfortunately, we soon heard an announcement that the power was out to all trains up the northeast corridor. So, no trains were moving, and they didn't have any estimate of when this might be fixed. So we waited for a while, and we're now giving up and getting a refund. We're going to catch a cab and head to the Greyhound station to take a bus up. There's no telling when the trains will start running again, and when they do it'll be crazy with all the people waiting. So, this seems like a good alternative. Click here for a news article on this entry

New York trip

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Today we leave for our big New York City trip. Our friend Emily will take us to the Amtrak station, and we're taking the train up to New York. We'll stay for 5 days, and come back on the train Monday night late. We should be there by lunch today, so we can go ahead and get tickets to a show tonight. Of course, Jen's got a lot planned for us, so it'll be a busy time. It should be fun.