School Talent Show

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Molly played her viola in the school talent show, and did a great job. She was the only violist, and showed everyone how awesome she is.

Decades Day

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The girls had Decades Day at school, where they dressed in attire from their favorite decade (or decades). Looking good, girls.

Decades Day

Decades Day

Decades Day

First Grade Bumble Bee

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Leah participated in the First Grade Bumble Bee at school. It was impressive how well these kids that haven't been spelling for long did in such a stressful situation. It was a standard single-elimination style spelling bee, and Leah did great, making it to the 5th round (which was when the words got hard, knocking out all but 3 students).

Here is a compilation of each of her words.

She did so great. I was worried when she stumbled on the first word, but she conquered her nerves.

First Grade Bumble Bee

Winter orchestra and chorus concert

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The week before Christmas, Molly had her winter orchestra and chorus concert. I snapped a couple of pictures of her before we went.

Ready to play

Viola player

First up at the concert was Chorus.

Molly got a bit of a break while the Beginner Orchestra and Beginner Band played. Then, it was Molly’s turn to play in the Advanced Orchestra. It's amazing how far they've come since last year. Note that the orchestra was much smaller for the last song. It was played only by the 5th graders and a few select younger kids (including Molly). Great job, Molly, for passing the audition for the finale.

Young Author’s Contest

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Molly participated in the Young Author’s Contest at her school. Here she is writing her short story, Magic Maya, involving a girl rescuing her brother who has gone through a portal and been possessed by an evil magician. Here she is hard at work creating her story.

Young Author's Contest

HowGirlsCode robotics

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Molly loved HowGirlsCode last year, and signed up to participate in their WeDo Lego robotics after-school activity this year. On the last day, they showed off their robots to us.


Molly called her robot The Dog Beak. She did a great job designing and building it and programming it to chow down. Over the weeks, it went through several different designs and forms, and I think it ended up awesome.

The Dog Beak

On the last day, parents and siblings were invited to tour their workshop. Molly demoed The Dog Beak for us.

Here are all the robots built by Molly and her fellow coders.

All the robots

Crazy Hair Day

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This year, the girls’ school had a Crazy Hair Day. They decided to go all out, thanks to a little help from their mom and Pinterest.

Crazy Hair Day

After becoming an expert in sock buns for Molly’s Leia costume, Jen quickly whipped up Molly’s donut hair. With the addition of real sprinkles, a few of Molly’s classmates were confused as to whether the donut was real!

Donut hair

Balanced plate

Leah’s classmates kept asking her if those were real M&Ms in her hair. She had to explain that yes, it was real, but it was Skittles. Didn’t they read the box?

Rainbow hair

Real Skittles

Molly made up this song about her hair for Crazy Hair Day at school.

Leah knew the right catch phrase for her Crazy Hair Day hair.

Costume parade

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The girls’ school had a costume parade again this year. Most of the families show up during the school day to see all the kids parade around in their costumes.

Here’s Molly/Princess Leia waving to her adoring fans.

Costume parade

And here’s Leah/Rey. Rey was a very popular costume this year (you can see 2 other girls with Rey costumes in the background). But none of their costumes were fancy costumes hand-made by Jen.

Costume parade

Back to School

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I’m way behind posting things, but I’m going to do my best to catch up now. So, think back to the beginning of school, and I’ll walk you through to the present over the next week or so.

The girls have started school, and are doing great. They both love their teachers, and are busy with almost everything they possibly could be busy with at school.

We had a great time at the Back to School picnic again this year. I left early for a tennis match, so I don’t have many pictures. But before I left, I did get a picture of these birthday twins at the photo booth. It was a hit with all the kids just as it had been in previous years.

Back to school picnic

First day of school

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Last week brought with it the start of school. Here Molly and Leah are, ready for their first day.

First day of school

Leah’s very excited about her first day of first grade.

First day of first grade

Hard to believe Molly’s a fourth grader now. After school, she made sure to tell us she only had two years before she was in middle school.

Fourth grader

Jen asked the girls what they wanted her to make them for the first day of school, and they immediately said they wanted hi-low skirts. They each picked out the fabric for their skirt.

Hi-low skirt

And here’s Molly’s hi-low skirt that Jen made. Molly’s ready to do some modeling with her fancy pose here (no coaching added, this was just how she chose to stand).

Molly's skirt

Our usual neighborhood kids picture on the walk to school.

Neighborhood kids

The Wildcat was waiting at school to greet the kids.

Wildcat greeter

Both girls had a great first day (and first week). We’re looking forward to a great year.