Choirs in Feburary

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Both the girls’ choirs sang on the same day in February (Molly at the 9:30 service, Leah at the 11:00 service).

School Talent Show

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Molly played her viola in the school talent show, and did a great job. She was the only violist, and showed everyone how awesome she is.

Winter orchestra and chorus concert

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The week before Christmas, Molly had her winter orchestra and chorus concert. I snapped a couple of pictures of her before we went.

Ready to play

Viola player

First up at the concert was Chorus.

Molly got a bit of a break while the Beginner Orchestra and Beginner Band played. Then, it was Molly’s turn to play in the Advanced Orchestra. It's amazing how far they've come since last year. Note that the orchestra was much smaller for the last song. It was played only by the 5th graders and a few select younger kids (including Molly). Great job, Molly, for passing the audition for the finale.

October singing

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The girls’ choirs sang in worship back-to-back weeks in October. Molly was up first.

The next week, it was Leah’s turn.

Great singing, girls!

Molly’s Spring Orchestra Concert

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Molly had her spring orchestra concert, and did a great job. The evening included the beginning orchestra (Molly’s group), advanced orchestra (older kids), beginning band, and advanced band. This video is just the beginning orchestra, made up entirely of 3rd graders. It’s amazing how much these kids learned this year.

Great job, Molly and classmates.

Spring concert

Leah’s final choir performance of kindergarten

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Leah sang with her choir at church one last time for this school year. I was sadly unable to see it as I was getting ready to lead worship music at the next service, but Jen was nice enough to record it for me (and all of you as well).

Concert first

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We’ve lived in Columbia/Ellicott City for almost 13 years, and we’ve never been to a concert at Merriweather Post Pavilion. That all finally changed, as Jen and I went to see Pentatonix there.

Concert first

The first opening act was AJ.

First opener

The second opening act was Us The Duo, who were a lot of fun.

Us The Duo

And then it was time for the main attraction. Penatonix put on a great show. We really enjoyed it.


Solo and Ensemble Festival

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Molly performed a viola solo at the county Solo and Ensemble Festival. She did a fantastic job, and received high marks from the judge.

Solo and Ensemble Festival

I wanted to record video of it, but didn’t want to distract her. So, I just set my camera on my lap pointed at her without calling attention to it. Molly was so focused, though, she probably wouldn’t have noticed if I was doing jumping jacks.

Great job, Molly!