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We made sure to get back home from our trip down south in time for Holy Week activities. Grams was singing with the choir in the Good Friday service, and we all got to go (Aunt EA joined us as well). And then, of course, there was Easter.

Like last year, I led music at the sunrise service at church. The weather was much nicer this year, though still just as early. And my family again passed on joining me that early.

After a lovely service, I got home as the rest of my family was getting up - just in time to check if the Easter Bunny had struck again.

Easter baskets

Perler beads

Candy in the eggs

Leah likes to do Sudoku puzzles with me, but now she’s got her own book of them.


The girls each got two pairs of tall fun socks. Leah especially loves them, and wants to wear them as much as she can.

Tall socks

There wasn’t time to sit around with these fun treats, though. In addition to leading music at the sunrise service, I also led music at the 11:00 service. So, I needed to be at the church at 9:30 to rehearse for that service. And I wasn’t alone.

We decided to turn the solo that each girl had done in the past month into a duet for the both of them. They did a fantastic job. And yes, that's me singing without a guitar in front of me (feels really weird).

After church, we headed back to Grams’s house for some lunch and family time. We were all excited to see everyone, though I think Charlie was most excited to see Beau.

Charlie and Beau

Be gentle

Fun dog

Here we all are.

Family photo

Grams and grandkids

The girls then got to change out of their dresses and play. They were excited to play with the new bubble wands the Easter Bunny brought them. Charlie seemed less sure about the bubbles.


Hi Leah

Happy Easter!

Molly’s solo with the band

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Singing with the band

A few weeks after Leah sang with the band in church, we did the same song again. The girls decided it was Molly’s turn to lead with me, so she took the solo that week.

Leah’s first solo in big church

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Back in March, Leah sang her first solo in big church and did a great job. Here she is with the praise band, leading the congregation in a new song. I thought I had posted this back then, but I apparently just put it on Twitter.

Choirs in March

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Leah and Molly both sang with their choirs again in March. This time, Leah got the earlier service while Molly was in the later one.

Choirs in Feburary

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Both the girls’ choirs sang on the same day in February (Molly at the 9:30 service, Leah at the 11:00 service).

Day of service

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Our church once again took part in the day of service on MLK day. There were lots of service activities, but the girls were most excited to sew pillowcases for kids in the hospital. So, we headed there first so the girls could use their skills.

Day of service

Molly sewing

Leah sewing

Completed pillowcases

We also made braided jump ropes. They took unwanted T-shirts and cut them up into strips, which we braided together and attached handles to.

Braided jump ropes

Braided jump ropes

We did some other things as well, but I apparently only got pictures of the crafty projects.

Christmas Eve Services

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This Christmas Eve, both our girls were involved in both of the family Christmas Eve services at church. First, the choirs of both girls joined forces to sing in a couple of the Christmas Eve services at church.

The main content of the service was a very fun skit which Molly took part in. The video below is the entire skit. Molly first appears at 1:20 for a non-speaking scene. She then appears at 7:00 for the scene with her speaking role.

Leah read about the Advent Wreath and led the congregation in prayer. I love that she looks up to check that her microphone is on before she begins speaking.

Singing in church

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In December, both the girls sang with their choirs in church.

Great singing, girls.

October singing

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The girls’ choirs sang in worship back-to-back weeks in October. Molly was up first.

The next week, it was Leah’s turn.

Great singing, girls!

Our little worship leader

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During Family Worship Month (August) at church, kids took part in the service. Molly got picked to be worship leader, and she did a great job!