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Two days after Grampa and G'mom left, Aunt Michelle arrived. Molly was very excited. Here's some video of Molly and Aunt Michelle.

The other babies in town were getting jealous of all of Molly's hair, so she pulled her hat down low to make the other's think she was bald like them.

Molly is an expert sleeper (she inherits that from her dad), and is able to sleep through just about anything. She does sometimes wake up though, as seen in this video of Molly with Grams.

She may have just met Aunt Michelle, but she has no problem sleeping on her.

Bath time has become an eventful time. I'll spare Molly the humiliation of putting pictures of her naked on the website, but bath time is not our favorite time right now. She's still in the spongebath phase (can't submerge her till after the umbilical cord falls off), and she doesn't like it at all. That's the only time we get some serious screams in. Hopefully she'll enjoy it more when she can get all the way in the water. But she definitely has lots of happy times as well, as seen in this video of playtime with Mommy.

At two weeks old, Molly attended her first church service. She slept through the whole thing, and started to wake up right after it ended.

Here she is in her church outfit with Aunt Michelle.

We keep getting questions as to who Molly looks like. So, here's a baby picture of each of us. Here's her dad. Think she looks like this? Me neither.

You may think this is a picture of Molly, but it's actually a baby picture of Jen. Yes, Molly looks just like her mom, though she seems to have her dad's fingers, toes, and height.

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