April 2007 Page 3

It's Easter, and we've got a full house. We didn't venture to church (too many germs for a 1 week old), but we had our own celebration at home.

Molly wore a brand new dress made by her Grams. This is the first dress she's ever worn. And she's also got a brand new necklace from Grampa and G'mom.

And here she is with the dress-maker herself.

As I said, we had a full house. Here's a picture of the Batson side.

And here's the Sellers side.

Now that Aunt Caroline is back in town, she was eager to hold Molly again.

Of course, there was food.

Molly joined us as well during the meal. We liked how her dress became M.C. Hammer parachute pants in the bouncy chair.

Molly's getting much more active now. Here she is with G'mom, along with video. Also, here's some video of her just being her.

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