Playing in the snow

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In case you didn't hear, much of the east coast was covered in snow this weekend. It was the biggest December snow storm ever for the Baltimore area. We went out and played during the snow for a little bit, as you can see here. There's only about 9 inches down so far when this was shot (Baltimore officially ended up with 21 inches according to the news).


  1. Aunt 'Chelle says:

    cute! She knew just what to do! Did she have snow boots? I couldn’t tell.

  2. c-had says:

    Nope, she’s just wearing sneakers.

  3. Gmom says:

    The “Whee” is a perfect response! I guess it really doesn’t matter how deep the snow is when you’re a 2-year old!

  4. Gmom says:

    Thanks so much for sharing these videos today!

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