August 2007

Videos from 2007
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Nursery Walkthrough
Molly Sleeping
Molly Active
Molly Hanging Out with the Family
Molly with G'mom
Molly Just Being Molly
Molly with Aunt Michelle
Playtime with Mommy
Waking up with Grams
Molly SpittingSitting Up
Molly Rolling Over
Squirmy and Loving It
Camera Shy
Memorial Day
Sleeping is Great
Happy and Noisy
Falling Over
Full House
Molly's Band
Molly's Baptism
First Swim
Back to Front
Weeks Family
On the Water
Baby Talk
Caroline's Sermon
Special Music
Playing in the Mirror
Turning clockwise (possibly)
Sleeping in the Swing
Meeting Greats
Family Vacation
Boat Ride
Sitting Up
Solid Food
Hands and Knees
Coffee Table
Computer Genius
Dumb Waiter
Crawling and Pulling Up
First Snow
Visiting GG Jane
Opening Presents
Dancing Cousins
Mirror Fun
Santa Claus
Toys Are Fun

Molly's been able to slowly spin around on her belly for some time, but I've only ever seen her turn counter-clockwise. Jen keeps telling me that she turns clockwise as well, but I don't believe her. So, Jen shot this video to prove it. I'm still not sure I believe it, as there are a lot of breaks in the video, and Jen may have been pushing her around when the camera was off...

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