We are both from Slidell, Louisiana (just outside of New Orleans if you're unfamiliar with the area). We both spent junior high and high school years there. However, we went to different schools. Jen went to Clearwood Junior High, and then Slidell High, while Chad went to Boyet Junior High, followed by Northshore High. Consequently, we didn't really get to know one another until we were nearing the end of high school.

The common ground between us was our church, Aldersgate United Methodist. Jen was active in the youth group from the day she was able to join. Chad, however, did not get involved until the second half of our junior year in high school. This set the stage for us to go on the youth group's summer trip to Washington D.C. for a huge youth conference called DC/LA in July, 1997.

Over the next 3 months, we became close friends. Our first real date was to Chad's homecoming dance on October 11, 1997. After that time, we were inseparable. Later that year, we both decided to go to Auburn University, which was a relief for us both. At Auburn, we became active in the Auburn Wesley Foundation, which is the Methodist campus ministry. Through this ministry, we were able to expand our relationship into a much deeper spiritual level.

So after four years of a great relationship, we finally got engaged. We had gone to Slidell for the weekend to help Jen's parents move out of their house. That Saturday, October 27th, 2001, we stopped by the park where we had picnicked for Jen's 18th birthday. After sitting on a cold bench for a few minutes, Chad finally popped the question. We both graduated from Auburn May 11, 2002, and decided to spend the summer there before the wedding. We got married on July 27th, 2002 at Auburn United Methodist Church.

We began our married lives in Atlanta, GA, because Chad was accepted into the graduate program at Georgia Tech in Computer Science. Jen got a job with CRA RogersCasey, an investment consulting firm, as their administrative assistant. We found a church home at Mount Pisgah United Methodist Church, and we both became active in the tennis scene.

Chad graduated from Georgia Tech in August, 2003. We then moved to Columbia, MD, where we still are today. Chad began working for the government, as they had paid for his graduate degree. Jen began working at The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab in human resources. After a couple of years, Chad decided to leave the government in favor of the small company atmosphere of Tresys. In March of 2007, after almost 5 years of marriage, we added a new addition to our family. Molly Anne Sellers was born on March 30, coming in at 7 pounds and 15 ounces in weight and 21.5 inches in length. Jen decided to leave working at the Applied Physics Lab to stay home with Molly.