Cherub Choir sisters

Leah is finally old enough to join the Cherub Choir at church, which means Molly and Leah get to be in choir together until next year when Molly moves up. Today was their first time singing together, and they did great. Leah was a great singer and did great staying focused on what she was supposed to be doing.

Cherub Choir sisters

Here's the whole performance, including two very well sung songs. I think this is the best they've ever done. Must be Leah's influence.

OK, Leah might have briefly acted a bit crazy once or twice.

Minor craziness


  1. G'mom says:

    Great songs and great singing! So good to see both Molly and Leah in the same choir! Really growing up! Lovya!

  2. Grammy says:

    I am really proud of you girls! It is nice that you can be in the same choir for a while. Love. Grammy

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