iPad kid

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Molly has really gotten into playing with my iPad. A few of her favorites are The Cat in the Hat, Word Magic, Draw, iWriteWords, Virtuoso Piano, and Pages. I'm amazed at how well a 3 year old can pick up a touch interface (as compared to, say, a keyboard/mouse interface). This video is of her typing away in Pages. The first time I showed it to her, she wanted to change the colors of the letters. So, I went through the menus and changed the colors. The next time, she did it all by herself (as you can see here).


  1. Gmom says:

    I agree this is really amazing! I also love Leah’s commentary in the background. What a fun way to learn!

  2. Aunt 'Chelle says:

    that is crazy! Jeremy and I are amazed at her skill!

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