Lego party

Today is Molly’s 8th birthday, but we’ve been celebrating for a week already. We’ve discovered that when her birthday falls over spring break, guests are often unavailable. So, we had the party a week early to ensure everyone could come.

Molly’s party this year was a Bricks 4 Girlz party - fun with Lego bricks and no boys allowed (though Grampa and I were not kicked out of the house). While the girls arrived, there was free play with a bunch of Lego bricks on the floor, as well as building your own minifig to take home.

Party time

Jen made the cake to resemble a Lego brick. The Lego man was made of chocolate, thanks to a friend loaning Jen the candy mold. Molly requested a chocolate and vanilla swirl cake which was a very tasty choice.

Lego cake

The birthday banner was also inspired by different sized Lego bricks.

Lego banner

Molly and Jen worked on creating the party door hanger. Molly had fun adding a bit (or 8 bits) of 8-year-old flare to it.

Lego door hanger

After free play, the girls colored and filled out a sheet on their newly created minifig.

Minifig sheet

Next, it was time for the main event - partnering up and building Mia’s Beach Buggy. This vehicle included a motor and battery pack, as well as a place for their minifies to go for a ride. Since we had an odd number of girls, Jen partnered with Leah.

The build

Molly and Jordan focus to make sure their gears and wheels are connected properly.

Molly and Jordan

After Molly and Jordan finished their buggy (which was the easier version), Molly helped Ms. Eva finish her buggy (the harder version).

More building

After completing her buggy, Leah spent most of the time with it switched on and running into me, but I managed to get her to stop it for a second to get a picture.

Leah's buggy

Here’s Molly’s second buggy after she finished it, ready to be switched on and race around the house.

Molly's second buggy

Then it was time for cake and ice cream. But first, one of Molly’s favorite parts - singing to the birthday girl.

After we finished eating cake and ice cream, it was time for some spin art and paper crinkling. These used the same motors that had been in the vehicles a few minutes before to power the Lego devices.

Spin art

Here are all the girls and their minifigs at the end of a very fun party.

All the girls

And before leaving with their goody bags filled with chocolate Lego bricks and minifigs, the girls all got their chance to pose in the Wylde Style cutout. Make sure to watch with the audio turned on, as the accompaniment is provided by Molly, Leah, and me.

It was a great party. We wholeheartedly recommend Bricks 4 Kidz for the Lego lovers out there. Thanks to them and to all who came and had fun with us.

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  1. G'mom says:

    This was such a fun party! So glad I wasn’t stuck in the hospital! Legos are definitely a great girl party idea!

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