The Garden of Lights

As a child, my family always drove through the lights at Celebration in the Oaks in New Orleans City Park. I have since always compared Christmas light displays to those memories. (I know, it might be a tad skewed since I was so little and the lights were so big, but whatev!) So, when my parents asked about going to see some lights, I knew just where to take them.

The night of the 23rd we headed to Brookside Gardens with some of our friends to see the trains and The Garden of Lights. Here are the six kids lined up to look at the trains before heading out into the cold to see the lights.


These are the same gardens we took pictures at a couple years ago. Molly and Leah had fun in this house then, too.

Candy cane house

This is the same rail as this picture. She's a bit bigger now.

Peering out

Mesmerizing lights

Mesmerizing lights

They had an impressive number of lights and some really cool light sculptures.

Lights everywhere

Look at that

The girls had a great time running through all the lights.

Lights are fun

Leah, the Ghost of Christmas Pretty Soon.

Ghost Leah

The kids all thought this tree of milk cartons was pretty neat.

Milk carton lights

By the end of the evening, our toes and hands were frozen, but there were still smiley, happy kids!

Hi Leah

I would venture to say that this was the best lights display I'd been to. Walking through the lights was a unique way to experience them. So, if any locals have not made the trip down, here's my recommendation to do so!

We ended the night with a great dinner at Squisito. (Thank to EMK for the recommendation.) The kids had their own table, which was fantastic for everyone!



  1. emk says:

    Hooray for a fun nocturnal adventure! I also give this post a big thumbs-up solely for the use of the term “whatev”! 🙂

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